Friday, May 12, 2006

trunk show, rollins, a gamillion house guests???

so, i feel a little like my world could spiral out of control. trunk show this evening (as yet, i sit at work and am a little unprepared...eek), we leave for big sur tomorrow to go see henry rollins (the mr.'s idea...i think it should be good) - but it's going to be an all male trip + me...we know how that goes, i'm very familiar with this kind of a trip, most of the time it involves loads of skateboards and stinky pad such goodies this time. but we are all camping saturday night in big sur which should be nice. come back sunday to building bbq and showing our place to it's not very clean now and i'm not quite sure how clean it's going to get by sunday...another eek.

let me just tell you this: we have a houseguest/assistant to the mr. for a big shoot coming to stay tonight. we have another houseguest/helper to the mr. coming sunday night. then they are here for FOUR weeks - pretty much until we leave to go east for the summer. then, we have a lovely couple coming to stay in our absence over memorial day weekend - we will be in norfolk, va for another wedding, and 4 people who don't really know one another (except for the couple) will be staying in our place - ha! they'll probably have a big throw down party and have a better time than when we throw them and are there! okay, after that, the tuesday following memorial day i have my 2 best girlfriends flying out with their THREE little boys between them to stay also - and also until we leave for the summer; so count the span of 4 weeks there will be NINE people in and out of our house - this includes kiddos, which is another ball of wax all together.......oh my. the two of us, 2 guys, 2 other females and 3 little boys allllllllllll in our open plan loft...i guess it's going to be like a big ole grand camp out or something in our place.........

...and then there is this pesky, minute show i need to prepare for which is RENEGADE!!!!! - the biggest show of the year, when pray tell do i produce for that???!!

crikey, help me now.......

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candykid6 said...

my head is spinning i don't think i caught any of that and i tried to read it really really slowly, this seems to always happen to me now... esepcially since we are reading pride and predejuce... i have to read whole paragraphs over and over again just so i catch what they are saying... it so DRY. anywho, looks like someone will be having fun. TELL BOBERT HI!!!