Monday, October 16, 2006

new work + how ill can i possibly feel...& for how long?

first off, the good news: some new treats i worked on; sneak peeks of what's to come later in the month. i started making these vintage jumble flower necklaces...whatcha think? i initially made them for the crafty bastards show i did in d.c. - i'm going to carry them on the sight soon. i have super cute vintage appliqued shirts i hope to get up soon as well. also some new glass necklaces to go up later. there are a few more on my flickr page if you so desire to peek at them!

now, the not so good news - i am still feeling like poo. & right now who i'm thinking about the most is this gal...natasha. she feels like crap a lot too and yet, is so super productive. so i've been thinking on her, & trying my best to keep my head up & still make some work. even though i'm having these highly charged, over emotional set backs pretty much daily...on top of feeling nauseous & crappy. i've got numerous calls into the doc for today & i'm not at work. do i get to feel like this forever? is this my lot in life now? i lay here and waffle between, trying to count my blessings - because lord knows there are people way worse off then me - & feeling anxious, & depressed, & scared...and feeling like i ought to be doing something other than staring at the wall & ceiling...because maybe if i could haul myself off the couch/bed and do a creative something maybe i'll feel better...then my tummy roils over & starts to make funny noises and i seep back into the bed/couch/pillows...ugh. what a depressing blogger i've become...sorry guys.



candykid6 said...

the new work's boss. did you all get rain today? i'm soo sad your feeling down, but i made a wish for you yesterday in the tunnel.
feel better,

natasha said...

i am so sorry that you are feeling so...poopy (giggle) there are few things that can cripple you worse than that. i know it is hard to be hopeful, but i think they are going to figure something out, and i am sure that just putting a name to the monster will help to put it in a box. at least more often.

i don't feel so productive, and then i see all YOU do and think how much you do! lots!

try to take it easy on yourself, and try to feel excited to be able to watch movies, read books, knit or whatever can be done on a couch with tummy mayhem sort of like you would when you are a kid and are too sick to go to school, so you are sick, but sort of enjoying getting to eat whatever you ask for, watch whatever you want...