Wednesday, October 11, 2006

trust your style

i got a little write up here: trust your style blog
thank you so much! making this down-n-out girl feel better! :)

on another note, i'm reaching a little baby point of stabilization (enough to start posting again)
not healthy, not solved, not all better, but...enough so that i'm not laying in bed snuffling & ready
to stay that way for a long! i'm going to venture into posting land again.

i've missed blogging!



natasha said...

i am so sorry you feel sick. there is nothing like pissed off intestines to make your day exciting. in a bad bad way. i have always had a really nervous stomach, in college, when i had tests (even if i studied and knew the material really really well) i would get so nervous, but not in my head, just in my stomach, that i would have to run out of class several times. even now, i think that i have the flu, or food poisoning, and then when the situation is over, i am fine. not that this is your issue, but it really sucks. my younger brother had bad food allergies as a little kid and had to have upper and lower gi tests all the time, poor guy, he would sit on the toilet and howl. miserable. and you can't even brag up being sick. no one thinks diahrea is cool. but you pull it off! be better. soon. okay?

jenifer74 said...

i know right? no one wants to sit and hear about the big ole capital "D" incidents! bahhhhhhh....