Monday, March 05, 2007

in the mail - last week

in the mail!, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...back from my retreat with the 8th graders! phew! i love this print for a lot of different reasons; it's by julianna swaney of oh my cavalier...i love most of her prints - so different & unique. is she reigning those birds in? are they coming to tell her a secret? are they her little family of birds she's getting ready to let go? i also imagine them as all these separate personalities that are nattering away inside her brain (must be the fresh off the 48 hours + of 14 year olds!)...i love finding prints that intrigue me - my jen corace prints totally intrigue me - when i don't quite know what is going on; what the individual is thinking/where they might be in their head...& this is one of those.

i'm on a bit of a print purchasing extravaganza; i need to chill for a while because right before i left i purchased mav's house print & i jumped on sugar loop's green vases print as well! ai yai! somebody stop me! :)

i'll post those beauties when they come in the mail too! tonight i need to package up sprout studio goodies ordered in the last week & call my momma!

happy monday all!


Vi said...

i think she bringing them in.... what did she do this on, i know she didn't carve this out.

SweetJen said...

What a great print! I like your thought that it might be separate me, it's like all the thoughts and concerns she has. So interesting!