Friday, March 02, 2007

some flickr faves

but first, would anyone care to enlighten me on how to get the flickr favorite quilt block dealio happening? i'd love to post all of them, but until i garner some more knowledge, i'll leave you with some linkies to my favorites. & i'm sticking with a theme here, apparently it's all about trees for me lately as evidenced here:

the woods

confusion has its cost

angle's tree

tree reflection

tree in a cup

bird in the hand's, birds in a tree

most amazing tree ever

wendy's tree

julie's tree

enjoy your weekend folks! i get to spend mine with 30 8th graders - woo hoo! eek!


Vi said...

the giz wouldn't let me go. have a tres fun time though.

LB said...

Have fun this weekend! Who better to spend it with than 30 eighth graders? Sounds like a blast! Or at least it would have a couple of years ago when I was spending all my time with middle school kids. I think I've officially gotten too old to really enjoy a whole weekend of it any more.

meg said...

great tree love, i think you have a case of flickritis, too...
i think those mosaics are from flickr toys, no?

Vi said...

going to be expecting a tree pic of your own when ya get back....

jek-a-go-go said...

the quilty thing is when you use the "mosaic maker" on fd's flickr toys...muy addicting!

have fun! thank you for sharing those pretty pictures!

jenifer74 said...

i definitely have a case of flickritis!! thanks meg & jek i'm going to try that for sure!