Sunday, June 03, 2007

mollusk surf shop treehouse

mollusk surf shop treehouse, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

just a little eye candy treat for you on a sunday. these are at mollusk surf shop out in the avenues. we love that store. seen good art shows there & killer music shows. ran into barry mcgee there with his daughter...saw a lovely moment between the two of them.

b.l. needed some last minute new shorts & a lightweight surf hoodie so we went on a little errand. these treehouses are too cool. we found out the artist who made them is actually in n.y. studying at art school. these sparked such a craving to cut shapes out of wood for me & paint some of my trees on leaves....thus i started quizzing the mister about jig saw cutting some out when we get back from europe. for a coupla years now he's been bugging me to design/paint some skateboard decks. it keeps coming back up - we have a friend who could cut some older styles for us; more like surf boards, less like big fatty i think we'll revisit this again later this summer... many ideas/ seemingly little amounts of time...

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