Saturday, June 02, 2007

phew. passport finally came.

phew. passport finally came., originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

halle-freakin-lujah. it has been SUCH an ordeal to get this. we just found out that the mister's is supposed to be fed exed by tuesday --- considering we leave thursday, i certainly hope that is the case!

also, the paris hotel debaucle is seemingly under control (previous one we booked just shut down due to fire hazards because of so much's been there 100+ years but apparently now, it might go up in a poof, so no staying there for us!) i'm still awaiting confirmation on the new place we selected. we shortened our stay to 4 nights instead of 6. a coupla other exciting things popped up. we are thinking about staying a night or two in slovenia. mediterranean flair without the tourists & super high expense.

we also found out the the venice biennale is going on!!!! as well as documentia in germany -- it's the first time that a lot of these super art world fairs have been going on at the same time; so hopefully we'll be able to hit some of these too! super exciting!

i can't believe we'll be abroad in under a week. :) :) :) :) i'm just a wee bit EXCITED!

sent off the last of the sprout studio packages today, cleaning up my packing & processing table & stashed all felt club goodies so we can swoop in & grab them when we get back.

renegade chicago applications just went up! i'm thinking i might apply for this one - i've done brooklyn twice but not chicago........we'll see. i did apply to crafty bastards, cross fingers for me :)

i'll be posting again before we leave for sure.



mi2 said...

yay... I'm glad yr passport came thru on time. Have a great trip! ^_^

Vi said...

hey now, your not going to show us your passport pic?

Anonymous said...

i know! my passport photo is soooo bad! i want to see yous jenifer!

jenifer74 said...

there is NO way i'm a-showing the worst picture ever taken of me to anyone other than the official peeps that gotta see it. seriously, it is SO bad!!! & i'm not shy about having a camera in my face with b.l. in my face with a lens all the time. i think my skin actually looks green, as well pock marked...& my forehead is like a mile just envision that, then you seriously won't want to see it!

Vi said...

fine fine, since it seems to cause you so much grief. though i highly doubt it could be that bad...

Anonymous said...

i look like that too! except super super super shiny and kinda greasy! yuck!