Friday, June 01, 2007

a portion of the personal collection

this is maybe half of the collection that i own. they all hang on pushpins by my bed. these are getting a change out of cord color...

i obviously have a "letting go" problem -- i love making these necklaces & i love wearing them. mostly, i love being able to keep the ones that speak to me the most.

let me tell you the best part in the world of selling some of these treats -- it's seeing someone pick one out that truly speaks to them - the time it takes them to find just the right one, until the match is complete. some folks take *ages* to choose their's - & ya know what? i think that is so awesome. they know they must have one, they just have to find the exact one that is perfect for them. & when they finally decide, it's so fun to see which pendant matched up with which person! happy sprout studio folks displaying their necklaces are a favorite picture for me :)


Jen said...

They're all lovely...I can see why it's difficult to sell some of them.

Pootlecat said...

good stash there lady! If you look closely at the Prague pics in my flickr you'll see me sporting your elephant lassi necklace (and that was so me... I took so long deciding to buy it that you had actually reduced it! I couldn't believe no one else wanted it!!) Not long till the big trip!