Sunday, August 26, 2007

busy bee in the studio

busy bee in the studio, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

working on more things for renegade craft chicago - the hoodie back is an original screenprint by kelly lynn jones. i bought a shirt by her ages ago that went all wonky crazy when i washed it (i hate american apparel products at this point) & then i waited wayyyy too long to ask for an exchange. i love the shirt print, so i cut it all up and appliqued it onto a thrift grey hoodie & voila; pleased as pie :) hooray!

the other shirts have screen prints by me from a year or so ago & these are what's left; i wanted to give them a little more something fun, so i appliqued on them with vintage fabrics.

so much to do, lists too long, laryngitis is still going strong, teaching added to the list, house cleaning, guests, organizing, new site work (cannot wait for this!), setting up etsy site, etc.......................yikes!


Vi said...

wait, which stuff came from the aa t-shirt? or am i totally lost.

mati rose said...

these are all so gorgeous!