Friday, August 03, 2007

favorite neighborhood boulangerie

this is the first boulangerie we went in when we were walking to our hotel. of course, for the next 3 days, it was our favorite! next door, was this darling older lady selling tarte legumes which were amazing (& heavy & solid!). at the boulangerie, we had the eclairs - the best i've ever had anywhere - & i'm an eclair lovin' kinda gal. we also bought 2 kinds of their bread, twice - and we tried the spinach tarte, the madeleines were terrific, we got those all three times we stopped in...we also tried this massive almost 2 inch thick crumbly cookie thing that was super yum. i think we had a fruit tarte too. i would not be one of those "why french women aren't fat" kinda gals - i would be a very robust gal with that boulangerie too close to me!

i spoke french in all the little places i went to & even though it was rather basic, i was pleased that everyone spoke back to me in french, not in english! it was pretty thrilling to engage in the basics of a foreign language & be understood & sorta understand on my part - it was like a secret club; especially since the mister was clueless & he was rather impressed with me :)

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