Wednesday, August 01, 2007

tagged - taking a break from europe!

tagged by the lovely shash - a little breather from the europe the question is, how much do you really want to know about me? :)

Rules: 1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts. 2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves. 3. People who are tagged write their own blog post about their eight things and include these rules. 4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and that they should read your blog.

1. habit: i lick my lips when i'm nervous or things are chaotic & too much is going on. i don't really realize this until much later when my poor little lippies are all chapped. i'm trying to notice when this happens now & go get the balm!

2. random fact: i was born in a small town in beverly, massachusetts. i love new england and spent a lot of my summers up there as my parents are big new england fans as well. many summer memories involve boston, small coastal towns like rockport, eating lobster (not me though, after i cracked my first one ever and tiny green lobster baby eggs came out it was all over - clams henceforth for me), going out for ice cream at the best little ice cream joint called dick & june's, eating cannoli's at mike's italian delicatessen in the city, long road trips, candy stashes, books to read & crammed in a car with my brothers! there is a small part of me that wishes she lived on the rugged maine coast...

3. habit: drinking tea in the morning. habitual/ritual. i love this habit.

4. random fact: i have a terrible summer cold right now that has sunk down into my ears. i'm prone to ear infections & in fact, have lost a lot of my hearing in my left ear from when i was little. thus the wondering, dazed look sometimes when someone tries to speak to me in that ear and they get the quizzical question mark above my head look. it makes me sad sometimes because i cannot always hear the thunder which i love, and being in loud cavernous spaces with lots of noises can be extremely disorienting for me.

5. habit: leaving my water glasses lined up down the metal shelf next to my bed. i have to have a glass of water next to my bed each night & then of course, i leave them...i'm always asking for the glass maid to please clean up her detritus :)

6. random fact: i turned 33 in venice this year and am told it is my jesus year. i feel like this should mean significant things are going to happen. or that i need to be very open to options...i keep thinking about this and know it will be showing up in my writing i do on the sly & in my artwork.

7. habit: never reading the entire sunday new york times. and always making a vow to get through all of it. never happens.

8. random fact: i feel a lot of the time that i am one of those people that are good at a lot of things and not particularly stellar or passionate about any one thing. for a long time i've felt like this was somehow i should have a driving force that rules out all other interests. i should be someone who works in her studios all hours of the night, forgetting about everything - so focused and intense...& yet, i have my spurts, but it never consumes me. or someone who calls themselves a "runner, or a marathoner"...& yet, i jog occasionally & take walks & dream about being a fit, tone, mighty marathon type. or, someone who can gourmet cook & bake up anything...& yet, i dabble - i love to eat, i love to cook up food that is yummy & go through my baking jags, but it is never an all the time thing for me. or, i wish i was someone who had a super green thumb and gardened non stop through the summer months....& yet, i love my houseplants & pretty jade plant and my new meyer lemon baby plant -- and i try my hand at herbs that last for a while and inevitably whither up...& attempts at joining a community garden have been stymied and my goal to use the entrance to our building as a potted plant garden came to ruin when our nasty landlords hauled everything away and dumped it in the trash :(

well....i ramble. but, i love that i have way too many interests, but am always a bit envious of those seemingly hard core, dedicated folks that are fully consumed by their passion.

i need to tag 8 people? i might not get to that many. how about wendy, sian, ileana, lesley, donna & jena.

have a great wednesday! i'll be back a few more paris stories for you soon. :)


Vi said...

i agree with the focus point. i have repeatedly tried pulling an all night, 100 pages sort of affair. never works out. can't keep typing, run out of story.

Lesley said...

Oh no, I got tagged! I;ve moved blog btw to

shash said...

heehee. i need a glass maid too. fun to read more about you jenifer. thanks for playing. ;-)

Sian said...

yikes, I see the tagged thing now - huh, of course I don't have eight blogging friends - maybe I'll just answer the questions and then move on...

love all the europe posts - glad I was a part of the whole trip.

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