Monday, February 11, 2008

slogging through cold world

i feel like the whole world has been sick this past month! me included. bah! we had 60 kiddos out last week on one day and out of 280 kids total k-8, that's a WHOLE LOTTA sicky. :(

this particular cold has been wreaking some havoc on me and i'm ready for it to be gone already. i had multiple plans this past week & weekend, that were cut short, altered or rescheduled because of not feeling up to snuff. i'm also ready for it to stay sunshiney and warm (we got a nice dose this weekend, but i want more said greedy me)...

in sprout studio news, we finished the update so there are lots of new spring goodies over there, take a peek if you like :)

i have gocco-ing on the brain and actually have my xerox'ed designs ready to go - i just need to find where i so trustily stashed the thing. i'm supposed to gocco with annie but again, that was one of those waylayed plans of the weekend.

in other health news, i go to my first ever acupuncture appointment on wednesday to see if they can help with my IBS. it's been super bothering me lately as i have been playing with my medication doses because i don't want to be on any! ack! hopefully, it will be a healing, restorative time & they can help me feel better on a more regular basis.

i hope your week will be well, be fun, be restorative, healing, and full of sunshine.



Ileana said...

Aw, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well! :(

mi2 said...

wow... that's a lot of kids to be sick...
Unfortunately, I got the sickness, too! =( no fun, erh!

Hope we all get better soon!

jenny vorwaller said...

hey jen, i'm curious about the needles sticking (he) have you ever gone before? did you notice a good improvement? (and is it recommended even if you have no huge ailments?)

hope you feel better too - i seemed to catch everything since coming home and it was no fun.