Thursday, February 28, 2008

spring fling winner :)

so, i let dixie dog choose the spring giveaway winner and she chose katrina!! (the paper slip that stuck to dixie loo's nosey is the one that won) so, i'm going to do another drawing in another week, because i have more goodies to give away. i thought i'd let everyone who already commented in on that deal too. but to sweeten the 2nd giveaway, if you comment again, i'll enter you *again* -- thrilling no? ;)

so stay tuned for a few more details, but CONGRATS katrina :)



Pootlecat said...

well done to Katrina! Now, if I just start bombarding your mailbox with tasty treats for a certain hound... :D

Hope all is well!

Katrina said...

what fun! i can't believe i won! i'm super super excited to receive my goodies. thank you jennifer! i'm sending you my snail mail info! (thank you.)