Wednesday, February 25, 2009

antony & the johnsons

wow. i was pretty enthralled last night at their show. i have more than a huge crush on antony it's more like...i want to go inside & look around & sit in that presence of his for awhile. i was pretty enraptured last night. rare is the musician/singer that evokes instant tears, and he is one. his music & voice are powerful, beautiful, evocative, wondrous & elegant. the show hall was super terrific too (mason center) -- and his band? impeccable. so, so fantastic. if you get the opportunity, go see him - you will not regret it. & if you don't have his music, go get some right now. right. this. instant.

i was so content last night to absorb him up. it was a killer evening.

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shash said...

nice! i'm glad it was worth the moola. next time i'm coming with you!