Monday, February 09, 2009


1. one who forages for food that's fresh, local, minimally processed, and grown with care.
2. one who aspires to live in harmony with nature instead of pummelling it into submission.
3. one who favors conservation over consumption.

yes please. i am moving closer and closer to this. more on how later. but i now declare myself an aspiring retrovore.


ash said...

hey there!

patty turned me on to, and even though I'm not a vegeterian I check it often.

the brains behind the site recently launched a search engine that allows you to look for recipes that are made primarily from minimally-processed, natural, sustainable, and whole foods:

thought I'd share in case you hadn't come across it yet.

so long from the freezing state of virginia! ashley

jenifer74 said...

thanks ash!