Thursday, February 19, 2009

elizabeth gilbert is my third lady!

elizabeth gilbert, author of "eat, pray, love" gives a great, great, GREAT talk on creativity here --seriously, make a mug of tea and pull up a chair & listen to her speak to you for 20 minutes. some things come along and are reinforced throughout my life and this talk cemented yet again, what i think about being creative beings. my first lady to do this for me was madeleine l'engle, my how i love that woman and miss that she is not on the earth with us anymore. second lady for me, anne lamott. elizabeth gilbert seems to be homing in on a close third.

if you watch it, let me know what you think! & do watch it at some point, especially *especially* for all you creative loves out there.



christine said...

oh yes! i saw this about a week ago and was so floored by it. she's amazing!

lisa s said...

LOVED it. anyone who can use the word odious in that way is genius to me...

thanks for the link!