Tuesday, May 05, 2009

new sprout studio necklaces to be...

just back from l.a. - i did unique l.a. with my friend christine. it was awesome to hang out with her as she is one of my favorite people. the show was not so hot, but the good thing is, i have loads of merch done for the renegades in l.a. and SF this summer :)

i am so very tired. my list is long, LONG i tell you. i owe people emails, orders need to be filled, europe doings need to happen, subletting needs to happen, train tix bought, website clean ups, library overdues, supplies to order, dinners to deliver to sick friends, cleaning up after my HUGE school art show to be done, thank you notes to write, applications for shows are due...........i could go on.....and on......and ON!

but! i won't :) suffice to say, i will be back here at some point. i need to get a few things off that list, then, i will be back in stride.

hope things are well with you...yes?

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frecklewonder said...

these all look amazing!!! how ever could one make a choice? :)