Thursday, May 21, 2009

keri smith's guerilla fortune art project many of you know i teach art to K-8 kiddos full time too. recently i had my 6th & 7th graders do one of keri smith's guerilla art projects. i absolutely love her book "the guerilla art book" & have used several of the projects with my students. i assigned the fortune affirmation project to them - they had to make 15 fortunes, about making someone feel good. they ranged all over the place, from simply, "you look good today" to "you are a fantastic human being & don't let anyone tell you any different" :) they were instructed to go out & about the city of san francisco & leave these fortunes around. it made my heart flutter a little to read through all of these fortunes & see their documentation photos & know the power of a good feeling was magnified in multitude & there were many smiles throughout this last week from strangers picking up paper fortunes from my 6th & 7th graders. it's heart warming no? i love that the kids enjoyed this so much & some of them got way into it. here's just one email i received from one of my 6th graders:

Hi Ms. Lake,
Here are the pictures I took showing where I left the "fortunes". I walked around my neighborhood and then to a market area nearby. I handed out 17 of them and my brother and sister walked with me. We had fun and it actually felt good to send people good wishes. I saw one guy go to his car and read the slip of paper and then he looked at me and smiled! That was cool!
Thank you,
A. G.

sometimes i just adore my job :)

have a great thursday!

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Katrina said...

what an adorable story! i love it.