Thursday, May 14, 2009

sunday streets in sf

sunday streets in sf, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

last sunday we had "sunday streets" - they closed off a bunch of roads down by the bay where we live & let us all bike, roller, skate, walk, run, what-have-you play around. it was totally fun & i got to ride my sketch bike that doesn't shift &/or shifts into the hardest gear all on its own while going up hill - it's tres fun. & the brakes don't really work either. it's a nice death ride. :) but, it has the best bell & basket & that's all that matters.

we are in a weird middle mode right now; really busy with getting the loft all ready & hopefully sublet for the summer -- plus restocking all my stores for the summer months while i'm gone. so while we are running around like those crazy chickens, all i want to do is sit still & read about where we are going to go in europe. this time of year is always super difficult for me motivation wise. i start rolling into work later & later, it's prettier outside, all the grad schools are starting to show their thesis works (which inevitably means summer in my mind) & i just want to take naps and sllloowww down. so it's a struggle! summer-itis & i have it bad!

so mini trips like the bike ride are what is working right now. lots of flurry of work, and then a little summer reward. that'll have to do!!

we leave in less than four weeks for london! so excited! :)

i'll be chatting about some summer shows soon you can still catch sprout studio at even though i'll be traipsing around euro-town....

have a lovely thursday!

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Pootlecat said...

summer-itis is rife all over the world! if you have time to meet for beers when you're over here let us know!