Monday, June 22, 2009

hello paris, good bye paris; i'm a bad blogger

too many modes of keeping everyone in the technology loop is happening over here! we have been in paris 8 days & leave tomorrow for marseille. paris has been absolutely amazing to us. i really don't want to leave & have every intention of returning soon.

for those of you only keeping up via this blog, please consider hitting up ye ole facebook there on the left & being my friend (tell me that or else i will think you are one of those random facebookers i don't know from adam & ask to be my friend). a ton of photos are there & i've been trying to do little updates as to our wanderings there too. these will be much slimmer now anyways as our internet access will bound to be spotty as we move along on our europe mosey-ing.

i haven't been able to post photos to my flickr with this french computer; just to facebook so that's why there isn't much there either!! but upon return; there will be an overload for sure.

off to marseille; after much consternation we finally found a cute; read=expensive b&b to finally stay in. we are treating the next 4 days in the south of france like we are on super vacation; not our usual cheapie ass vacationers ;)

after marseille, we are trying our hand at driving a rental car through france & into italy on to florence -- think good thoughts for us!!!

more here as soon i can happen along internet access again!

bisou bisou from paris


Bonney boys said...

love Marseille! and we loved driving from there, through aix, cannes and nice on the way to Italy. It is a really beautiful, if twisty-turny drive, and as long as you have a good atlas, you'll be fine! bon voyage!

lisa s said...

have fun have fun
can't wait to hear about the biennale!

Katrina said...

oh, hooray hooray! and happy travels to the two of (happy) you. you are missed!