Friday, June 05, 2009

last day of school/beginning of VACAY!

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so, i'm looking forward to doing not only lots of this: tea, reading, listening to music & relaxing, but also, being gone for TWO whole months over in europe. it's a little unreal to me that we get to go back for 2 months this time. we went 2 years ago for 5 and a half weeks, & it was the first time for both of us (the mister & me). & let me tell me you, the needle went in deep - as in, yep, we've waited this long for a reason - because now, we'll never be able to get out of this travel abroad bug/habit/addiction!

we've traveled the states extensively. i think we've been across, coast to coast over a dozen times, & the mister way more than that. we like our road trips, clearly. :)

we fly on monday (good thoughts while we are up, up in the air would be appreciated!) -- into london. we love london! hello pub a day's, tate modern, yummy tea & scones, art, art, art & basically having a grand ole, spot on, bloody good time!

then, paris - montmarte specifically. 8 days. awesome. & then, we are off to marseille for about 4 days, & then florence for a week. after that, venice for the biennale - so stoked to see contemporary work in that fun crazy crumbling old setting of venice. after venice, we are little more loose, but i think we'll do ljubljana in slovenia & some small towns around there. then budapest, & hopefully a good long week in berlin. i hear we are going to love berlin & there is a fabulous young art scene going on there! we go back to london for our last week & hopefully will cruise out to wales & edinburgh for some countryside.

so thrilled to be heading out so soon! but now, i must eat a piece of the crazy van gogh cake that just walked through my office door from one of my second graders. really, a starry night cake?!

cleaning up lots here at school - the art room needs a good, huge scrub down & then i get to have a cocktail & do the same to our place for (hopefully, oh please universe, let this be the one) a subletter who comes on saturday to check it out.

don't forget, you have until saturday evening to get free shipping in my sprout studio ETSY shop & then, no more goodies will be up for the summer until i return. if you simply must show some sprout studio goodies to some friends or make a purchase, my regular shop will be open, but i absolutely will not be shipping until i return in august!! it's a true vacation this time! which i've never done before, i've always tried to co-ordinate my shop being open & get shipping done somehow in the past. not this time, no sir. we are relaxing our minds 100% :) i can't wait!

so, you guys have a lovely weekend, when i post again, i'll be miles from san francisco & hopefully sipping a lovely pint in london! i'll be posting here occasionally as i can find internet, but most sporadically i'm sure.

kisses to you!

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