Saturday, August 08, 2009

heya, hi there, how's things's been a while!

heya, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...a little bit sad, a little bit happy, a little bit overwhelmed, a little bit thrilled, a little bit in unbelief...leaving in 2 days to end our 2 month, 60+ day sojourn around euro-town.

we've seen amazing art, wonderful sunsets, glorious skies, brilliant looking people, inspiring fashions, unique city plans, a ton of cool architecture ...eaten more delicious food than we possibly could have imagined, fell in love a little bit more with each other & basically had a smashing good time!

there are sooooooooooo many photos, it's kind of insane to think about editing and posting them all! i'll be slowly wading through them & posting to flickr. there are already some fun sets up on my facebook.

monday we fly home, over the big ole ocean & our home country. i think we are most ready to be in our own bed, eating our own comfort food & catching up with our friends who get us & speak english :)

more photos to come & more stories will accompany them.

home sweet home. it sounds really good.


Bonney boys said...

i wish you were coming home to wisconsin.

Sian said...

nooooooooo. don't go home!

Katrina said...

aw, welcome home sweet lady! i could see that little love light growing bright between you two in the photos on facebook. so wonderful. do saturate us with travel photos here too, puh-leze.