Monday, August 31, 2009

oh monday monday

well. i clearly have not caught up enough to start blogging regularly again. school started back full time - the first week feels never ending! but it is always so exciting to see those kiddos & how much they've grown.

i've been to some parties, had some cocktails, been sweating & crazy hot, & then turn around the next day freezing (& thus baking), farmers market thrice since i've returned. i have a serious love affair going on with my farmers market. serious... i've been dreaming about all sorts of good ideas & hopes for the coming months, i've been looking at homes (!), though none where i want them to be, and none in our price range...futile, i know. i've been drinking fancy parisian tea (yes, ms bon vie, yours is a-comin...), dealing with nasty back ups in our sinks that take all day to resolve because we have the lowest rated realty co that manages the building i live in, drank some more cocktails (lots of peeps to catch up with), had an outdoor bbq oyster & red snapper roast with my FAVE neighbor ladies, & will be attending another this coming weekend! ...perhaps one of the greatest things about traveling is coming back home & spending time with your friends. i've been restocking my shelves, replanting & up-potting many plants & rearranging their sunshine indoor loft deck area - they look much happier. i've been *dancing* - & my, i do love it. i tried modern dance again & was woefully lost. however, give me some hip shakin' & bootie swayin' and i'm all over it - i love moving my body in this new way & now that i've been dancing for about 9 months, i feel like my legs are finally starting to realize a few more moves instinctively. i have a long way to go - but i surely have fun & love sweating so much -- all that eclair eating needs to be toned down!

our new time management system is slowing working it's way into our lives; it's been pretty good so far. or at least, a little bit cleaner around our place - & a semblance of order that is making my weekends easier to manage (saturday - dance, farmers market, sprout studio catch up, go out in the evening...sunday - is my easy day; no guilt - reading, & slow food making all day...baking, or soups or sauces, etc... & if i need or feel like doing something that was on the saturday list, i do, if not, i don't. mellow out in the evening with yummy food & a movie with the mister.

& so. i have a piece of banana bread with chocolate chips awaiting me for breakfast & i need to go set up my art prep for my kiddos i'll see today.

i know i keep promising photos...they will come, they will!

... wishing you a happy happy monday.


lisa s said...

welcome back... sounds like you are re-settling nicely !

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Lovely - getting back into routine and appreciating it more when you've been away! What farmers market do you go to? We need to explore more markets in SF.