Friday, August 21, 2009

back in the groove...

...& catching up all over! 2 months abroad = everyday everythings slipping far behind! not only do i need to catch up with friends, blogs, emails, sprout studio galore, work, school, idea catching, idea writing, but also exercising, the daily minutiae, dixie baths, new time management systems (for the mister mostly), thinking about scary real estate possibilities (or more likely, the lack thereof), wanting to make my 35 list (for my 35th year, sparked in part by ms hula) (whom someday i am determined to meet up with...!)

--- my feet & brain waves are running, running, running - & it's slow molasses catch up. but i'm allowing patience to take the driver's seat. or trying. patience is a virtue right? & i have loads of time to get it all in & get it all down & get it squared away. it's nice to be back to a schedule (school is in full swing) & to plug in things where they fit.

photos are still being edited slowly & posted to facebook - but i'll get to posting them to flickr & here too -- patience, patience. (there was this song i used to listen to when i was little about this snail, herbert, that was NOT patient & he needed to learn how to slow down -- "have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry. when you are impatient, you only start to worry. remember, remember, that god is patient too, soooo think of all the other times that people wait for you!)

have a lovely weekend & hope the end of summer blues don't get you down! (because autumn in soon behind, i LOVE autumn!)



Bonney boys said...

oh, i was just thinking about the music machine record we had when we were kids. I loved the art on the cover and those songs- when I met Shara Worden (my brightest diamond) somehow that album came up in our conversation and we both started singing the theme song at the same time. I should try and find a copy for the boys.

jenifer74 said...

i'm so glad you know that! i felt like a dork after i wrote that post and went back and reread it. but i love d all those songs!!