Wednesday, September 16, 2009

crazy in love

antony's newest video: crazy in love love him.

what else i'm crazy in love with right now:

*that autumn is coming. traditionally, for different reasons on the east coast, but even though it's way different out here on the west coast, i love it now for the vibe it has out here too.

*sneaky bits of dark chocolate at my desk at work

*slowly getting back into flickr, i've neglected my stream over there for too long

*thinking about some more camping trips on the coast

*dance class

*sunday slow days (baking & cooking yummy eats for the week)

*alemany farmers market and my girls i go with

*possibilities; new ideas; fruition of such....

*& lastly, i'm crazy in love with my building, my building mates, dixie loo dog, and the mister.

how about you? what are you crazy in love with right now?


Bonney boys said...

crazy in love with Jay-Z after watching his "answer the call" concert in NYC 9/11 (kept me up until 2am!). crazy in love with my boys cooking buttermilk pudding and chipotle chicken with me. crazy in love with ryan for being the amazing husband/father/coffee expert/drummer that he is. crazy in love with my life, even with its challenges. and definitely crazy in love with my lovely friends such as yourself.

Bonney boys said...

and that was before I checked today's mail. I'm on the verge of tears, jen, I had completely forgotten that request. Thank you thank you thank you!

jenifer74 said...

wish we were drinking that tea together stephanie!! xxx.