Friday, September 04, 2009

inspiration friday

a coupla great links & inspirations for you:

one -- the greenhorns, makes me want to go buy my farm & have a pony.
the greenhorns

two - recycled houses...for real? i want one. we recycle (or glean, as we like to call it) a lot, but this is just awesome. even better, they are affordable housing. brilliant.
recycled houses

& i went to the SFMOMA yesterday & YBCA - the richard avedon was better than i thought it was going to be. the ansel adams & georgia o'keeffe made me yawn. i love the sculpture garden up top though. YBCA did not do much for me either. very open & kinda vacant with their new show...ah well. it can't hit it everytime.

have a lovely long 3 day weekend. i have a farmers market to go to, some runs to go on, an oyster roast to attend, & some lounging to catch up on...

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