Friday, January 08, 2010

a little makeover

we did not get to travel to colorado as planned :( the transmission in our "grey ghost" vw, well, gave up the ghost. so no trip for us over the holidays. instead, we totally redesigned our kitchen -- took down old cabinetry, got some new old metal ones from our local resource center (where, seriously, about 75% of our home is from -- it's our local place where contractors and builders drop off new & old vintagey "stuff" -- & we buy it up for cheap & spruce it all out!) & rearranged, cleaned, built, moved, mounted & took up & put down & removed & decided where what should be where! this took the entire 2 weeks; plus i had a cold.

so now our kitchen is awesome, but the rest of our place very well could have been the site of some sort of explosion. all that will need to be fixed very soon, because we have big plans coming down the january pipes. this weekend i'll give you all the heads up on our next fun venture happening in our place & dates to save!

soon after that unveiling, i have another project in the works that i'll unveil next week!

2010, i've got plans for you buster & we are gonna rock out this year!


jenny said...

oh my goodness. I absolutely LOVE your kitchen! so bright and happy! and I love love love the lockers!!! I've always wanted to find some of those! looks great!

aeolidia said...

The lockers are amazing! Did you add more shelves inside them?

Bonney boys said...

L.O.V.E. your shiny happy kitchen. I really enjoy being at friends' homes that use bright colors but for me, for some reason, I have to live with more earth tones. I often wish I could go all Frida Kahlo on our house, but it only seems to be inviting for me at other people's homes. Your kitchen looks like a place I could sit over a few pots of tea and hang out for hours!

jenifer lake said...

thanks jenny :)

arianne; yah, the mister fashioned a bunch of stainless steel shelving in them - one is a tool cabinet, one is brooms & cleaning stuff, one is coats & leashes & misc bags, and another is more tools :)

thanks sweet steph...SF wants you sometime - a girlie weekend? :) i like to think i could live in an all white serene home, but that is just not our style!

lisa s said...

LOVE the lockers. i've always had a thing for them....

and i love all your recent polas!