Saturday, January 02, 2010

recipe for a good day

1. go to the movies with a good friend & watch sweet ole bitty of a 70 something lady hit on your mister & compliment his almost-to-be handlebar mustachio
2. sneak picnic lunch into movie with cloth napkins & chocolates & candied mango for dessert
3. head to tea/coffee at trouble coffee shop near the beach & sit on awesome old growth lumber benches outside
4. drink yummy earl grey tea & homemade choc chip cookie while meandering down the street.
5. wander to nearby totally cool general store where you might lust after a wool fishermen's sweater that you used to steal from your father and wear all the time. miss sweater. miss your dad on the east coast. make deal in head to come back and purchase said awesome sweater once all the wool eating moths decide to migrate to someone else's home.
6. shoot shake it photos of heart stickers & other cool things on the way because the shakeit app is the best thing since ever.
7. take photo of cutest dixie dog ever even though said doggie likes to whine & act like her world is coming to an end when you walk into cool stores & leave her behind.
8. drive camper bus ruby-nell to ocean beach and have a growler of brewed stout beer while watching ocean and scheming great ideas about summer months ahead.
9. decide to have these types of days all the time in twenty-ten.


Bonney boys said...

why do i adore you? because you are wonderful. thanks for posting this- it reminded me to be finding the beauty in the everyday- it's there, even on not-so-good-days if I look for it.

Kerstin Svendsen said...

um, what about the whole beautiful saxophone playing lady and lunatic swing dancers and shit talkin' about lunatic swing dancers part of the day?! and little old old men who are just dancin.' for hours.

jenifer lake said...

shash you are totally right, i left out major evening details!!