Saturday, March 06, 2010

yoko & john & the lighter & the onochord & 8th graders

i like this story that yoko ono shares about the lighter that john misplaced. we went to see her about 2 weeks ago as the headliner for the noise pop fest here. she played the fox theatre in oakland - seriously beautiful place i had not been to before. what i was most hoping for, was a tiny flashlight to perform her onochord with; and i got my wish. it's one of my favorite pieces of hers. each seat had a tiny flashlight to spread love with - "i love you" in flash light bursts - i ii iii - so perfect. she's amazing & a powerhouse of a performance artist. i just showed some of her work to my 8th grade students prior to the show & while they kind of laughed, they also respected it. it was rewarding to come back and tell them on the heels of sharing of her work with them, about seeing her in person and how beautiful it was to see the fox theatre lit up with onochord love flashes! one of my prouder moments was when i attended the 8th grade retreat last weekend (yes, completely and utterly sick) & one of my students came up to me with her flashlight for the night hike they were going on and flashed me the onochord - i, ii, iii - & it almost made me teary. sometimes, my job is simply awesome.

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