Monday, March 15, 2010

all about the renegade craft fair!

i love renegade. i really do. my friend christine & i decided this year that we would try to do almost all of the renegade craft fairs. they are consistently our best shows; our customers rock the fair for us & we really do have a good time! we decided to splitsy on our booths because we share really well :) we love each other, we can save money, and our mister's like each other too!

so far we are definitely in the austin renegade & the brooklyn renegade! we will be flying to both of these places & setting up shop (more like camp!) & hopefully having fantastically fabulous shows!

we are hoping to get into l.a. (she lives there) & sf (i obviously live here) & then, i'm hoping to do the holiday sf one with a local artist gal.

mark your calendars fine folks - i'm excited to do austin as it will be brand new people to see, and brooklyn, my ole fave (& my inaugural splash into the craft scene 5 years ago) i look forward to seeing all you peeps too!

cross your fingers for us for l.a. & for sf!

yay renegade!!

oh ps - i put the renegade handmade logo down there too because my sprout studio goodies are in their chicago shop - & if i could swing the chicago show i would. i love chicago people!


jenny said...

yay! so exciting! I am hoping to get into SF this year too. And someday, my goal is to travel to different craft fairs. My love for travel + handmade... match made in heaven. I really enjoyed meeting you this year at your shared booth with Mati.... you helped validate my art/craft being sort of all over the place (vs. one specific craft). You're very inspiring!

tiktok said...


katedurkin said...

yay! i'll see you in brooklyn :)