Tuesday, April 11, 2006

hoorah huzzah hoorah huzzah!!!!!!

taxes are done done done, fini, final & i could NOT be more happy!!

and to tell you what we did owe (shizzers shikey shiver the timbers...) to what
we do owe; you would know we used some *serious* prestidigitation! (heh heh...
go look it up!!)

but last night was looking like some hari kari was going to happen around these
parts...tonight, sushi & sake baby (well, veggie sushi for me!)

big huge sigh of relief. now, onto those wholesale orders. & i want to experiment
with my gocco next week and my stack of vintage fabrics i've been hoarding...we'll
see what comes of it!



candykid6 said...

uhhhhhh.. don't think i can quite relate to finally finishing up my taxes but, HUZZAH HOORAH! ( you know huzzah is like a really cool word. ) missed you today. i'm sick again, curtesy of people at tiff's party on friday. i do not like this magic dragon.

jenifer74 said...

ooooh, so sorry to hear that...i know i'm bummed i didn't see you. feel better soon girlie! xx.