Saturday, April 15, 2006

letter to the weather.

dear mother nature,

i really do love you. really i do. but i need you to stop this nonsense with all this rain & gray skies & 40 days/40 nights stuff because i am really truly just *over* it. completely done. stop teasing me. you gave us two hours of glorious sunshine on thursday out of gabillions of wet days and pouring nights and then snatched it away. ha ha you said, i am wicked mother nature and you will suffer with even more fog and even more liquid air and cloudy cloudy clouds alllllll day; even on the weekends. whilst prancing east coast friends are admiring tulips and azaleas and other lovely budding peeking cute green things and gloating incessantly about 70 degrees and sunshine...argghh... dear old M.N. - knock it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



your wonderful little goddess girlie jenifer ;)


Twospace said...

perhaps you should migrate south to, um, gee, i dunno, LA? it's currently sunny and 70 here at 7pm :)

candykid6 said...

i dunno, i think you lost your temper in the middle....

but did it work?

jenifer74 said...

oui oui, just look outside girlie!