Friday, April 28, 2006

school art show fini!

last night was:

a) my 5 year marriage anniversary w/ b.l. and
b) our 10 yr. anniversary of being together and
c) the big ole art show i put on for my kiddo's that i teach...280 kids times 3 pieces each = a lot of dang art works!!!!

and d) dragging arse today something fierce!!

we had tofu pups wrapped in jalapeno tortillas at 9:30pm standing up before we flopped over - romantic anniversary dinner eh?! ah's worth it; i love seeing all that art that they made throughout the year, and to see it all in one big room, all framed and presented like a mini gallery - it makes me really proud of them, and proud that i am their teacher! and exhausted after hanging, tagging, framing it all!

now, i'll try to get back on track of showing off some others great finds in the indie world very soon!



Pootlecat said...

five years married, huh? Congrats lady!

candykid6 said...

yayayayayayayayayayayay! happy five year anniversary, and happy ten ten year anniversary! *waving hands in the air* well I know the art show was superfantabulous. tell bobert hi for me!