Saturday, April 22, 2006

well poop.

i was gonna post a bunch of photos from our little southern trip (not all the way to l.a., sorry c ;( - but fun nonetheless) but darn old photoshop won't open on my computer and the mr.'s is still at the doc' alas, no photos again. what a boring blog i have! arghhh!

this week is probably going to be a low posting week (ha, what week isn't you say?) but i'm putting on my school's art show, as this is what i do for my other job (teach, not put on shows!). so i'll be super fly fly busy...

but if the computer comes back, i'll try to post some fun photos...or i'll dig into some archives and see what i find! that could be potentially scary!

good to be back in s.f. i got my calendar all set with every date known penciled in so i can let my brain relax a little.

other newsies; doing the bottom of the hill trunk show on saturday, may 6th. come out come out wherever you are! and twospace will be joining me; hoorah!

that's all for now, my veggie chili is boiling-o-rama, gotta go ;)



candykid6 said...

have a fantabulous art show. let me know how it goes!

jenifer74 said...

i will lady! i know you will be so sad pining away thinking about the OLD days when you used to have art work there too! xxx.