Wednesday, February 28, 2007

a few hours early treat - sprout studio is TWO!

so, you lovely blog readers you -- you are on my special list too! to help me celebrate becoming two, i have a treaty offer for you! free shipping for ALL of march! here's how it works; you put "happy two years little sprout studio" in the comments section at check out, & just like that, spit spot, i'll return your shipping dolla's right back atcha! *plus* the first 20 custormers or so of march, get a cute little print of mine - could be photo related, could be lino cut printed, could be collage related! so, run like a flurry & go snatch up some sprout studio goodness & help me kick back some virtual champagne!

(how does a flurry run exactly anyways?!)

kisses sprout peeps! & thank you so much for 2 awesome years so far!




SweetJen said...

Wow! Happy birthday! :D

Pootlecat said...

Happy Birthday Lady Sprout x