Saturday, February 10, 2007

rice pudding

rice pudding, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

one of my unwritten resolutions this year was to try more new recipes. add some more interesting zing into the regular set ups. i have lots of veggie cookbooks & millions of torn out recipes stuffed into them. so, i'm trying to weed through them; figure out what i like & pitch what i'm never gonna really try or find out what we don't really like which sounded appetizing at some point in my recipe collecting zealous. also, with the new *red* kitchen aide mixer, baking is on the list too. so this is what i've tried so far:

*chocolate-ginger brownies (yum, thumbs up)
*pumpkin pancakes (another yum when there's extra pumpkin around)
*white bean salad with zucchini and parmesan (sooo easy & super dee-lish, it's going to be a regular)
*shrimp & pasta puttanesca (pretty good, decent mix up to the pasta routine)
*banana bread with ginger (good, but i like martha's recipe better)
*mushroom stroganoff (good, more effort than normal though)
*this here pictured rice pudding (i substituted some of the whole milk for soy, which i don't think was so smart, but all the milk would have done a number on this digestive system i'm afraid. but now i'm on the hunt for another rice pudding recipe that won't reak any havoc)
*carrot cake cupcakes are in the oven as i type...

if you want any of these recipes, just give me a shout, i'll gladly pass them along :)


Vi said...

your totally going to have to e mail me the recipe for carrot cake cupcakes... carrot cake is my fav

SweetJen said...


I don't think the recipe I found in "Real Simple" last month is nearby, but as far as a milk substitute, I recommend almond milk. Soy wreaks havoc on your thyroid, and therefore causes all sorts of horomonal problems with long term use. (I have a nasty form of thyroid disease and my doctor made me swear never to touch soy. lol)

Anyhow, almond milk is nutritious and YUMMAY! It has a slight sweetness to it that might really lend itself to rice pudding...and hot cocoa (that toasted almond taste is fab) I love thes stuff and stock up every time we go to Trader Joe's.

And I will be all over that chocolate-ginger brownie recipe if you would like to share!

jenifer74 said...

i will totally try the almond milk; thanks jen! am adding the brownie recipe to your little package :)