Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy v day to you!

happy v day to you!, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...for the mister...(nope, didn't make them)...the card is egg press -- one of my favorite letter press stationery sites.


Marissa said...

hey jenifer! so funny to have found you- i look at lisa congdon's site every day- noticed your comment on one of her photos, clicked on your name, found your blog, and here you are! i am mike d.'s wife- you and b. had us over for delicious burritos one night when we were in town visiting a couple of years ago... sorry we weren't able to catch up with you when you guys were in town- we just had a baby, so we've had our hands full... happy v-day-- man, it is a small, tiny world! LOVE your work.

jenifer74 said...

that is so CRAZY lady!! i love when these small world deals happen :) i check lisa's blog all the time; i love her work so much...! i heard you guys were baby-ville - congrats. we'll be around early august this summer again too. perhaps we can catch up then. i think bl caught up with mike this fall though which was good. hope things are well with you!!! i'll be catching up on you via your blog now too - the blogoshpere is so amazing like that :)