Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the "joann" vintage bobby pins

these are named after my friend - who loves daisies & who's colors i envision as these greens & blues; thus, the "jojo bobby pin" -- i guess that means i ought to send her some too hmm? :)

these will be in the shoppe soon too - limited edition!


daisy913 said...

jo jo thinks she needs those
jo jo is very happy

steve says, "they look like boob-ies"
that makes him very happy :)

jenifer74 said...

i think you need those too - look for them soon :) as a happy spring to one of my most favorite-est people in the whole wide world!

now, what kind o' boobies that steve been lookin' at? (i would like daisies on mine too, as of yet, no dice!)