Sunday, September 17, 2006

the collection

the collection, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

a couple of different collections going on here. i (well, we) collect these numbers that are all over the streets - & sometimes other people that know of our collecting efforts pick them up for us too. thus the 42 taped to my door from our neighbor sian. i've used them before & sewn them up onto cards & stuff...i'm not sure what i will end up doing ultimately with them all...i just like to pick them up - all the different text & fonts are pretty cool to check out. also, the mister collects these free signs; all sorts, he's working on a whole piece of free signs. i think he's got a book in the works. we also get some free signs donated from people that know about this collecting habit...there is something very odd & furtive about "stealing" the free sign & not taking the actual free item that still sits there, a little forlorn & lost...all part of the piece. and then, i like old doors & windows with lots of chippy paint & articulations that are not on doors today at all. so, there's the photo collection of doors that we have too - these red doors are down the street on an old brick building i love...oh, to have the money to build out an old factory building! i love so many down here in the dogpatch area of my neighborhood!

off to do finish up some sprout studio work! have a lovely sunday - the weather is gorgeous here in SF!


shash said...

i just made a little free box this weekend. and noticed even the box is gone with its free sign. hmmmm....

jenifer74 said...

! :) hmmm indeed!