Tuesday, September 12, 2006

music & stuff...

worked worked worked at sprout studio headquarters allllll last night - starting second stage of pieces tonight (have to seal & varnish again). but tonight, i go out! yummy thai down on polk before the hem show! i was turned onto her this last late spring - super mellow - i'm going to go with my lovely neighbor & a friend i used to work with! of course, in my late scramblings this morning (yes, late for my meeting) i ran out and forgot to
grab my camera :( so no pics, but i'll post about it tomorrow.

more on the music front -- excited for hardly strictly bluegrass the line up looks fantastic and i'm super thrilled to catch gillian welch again! we've gone every year they've had it - it's *such* a fun weeekend - & i just found out that the mister will be able to be back with me for that weekend - so extra fun times!! i also scored tix for lucinda williams at the fillmore in october. & i'm looking for show buddies to see the detroit cobras with me on friday october 20th at bottom of the hill. although that was a hard toss up, because slim cessna's auto club is playing at 12 galaxies that night too -- ooo, i love them, but i haven't seen the detroit cobras yet, last time it was sold out - so i'm going to buy tickets beforehand this time...any takers?!

other news, a little top secret holiday gift in the works for the mister - i'll probably be asking for suggestions about it soon...he doesn't read this anyways so i should be able to discuss it soon!

have a lovely tuesday!

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