Monday, September 18, 2006

in looking about the "wwww"

world wide web *wanderings* i found the following good things to look at:

chair painting

lisa solomon's work at limn gallery in SF

jen corace go to the games section and dress yourself up!

this interview with souther salazar & saelee oh...

ryan jacob smith

& then of course, a thing of beauty is a joy forever (or, what i would really love to have)

vintage flap bag

this pouch already sold out i love it so, however, i scored the branch one earlier on & love that one too.

these resin rings i want one as my wedding ring that i don't have.

pictures to come was acting wonky for me last night and wouldn't upload my pics. i'll try tonight.
i also did the unthinkable: spilt the whole glass of water on my poor little mac, oh yes, i confess. she seems okay (thank god) however, the battery is no longer charging...maybe i shorted something out in there? eek! i will never ever no not ever drink fluids near my beloved little mac book yai...


candykid6 said...
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candykid6 said...

i think that water damage is the one thing that apple care totally doesn't even cover... or maybe that was just for ipods..... you know speaking of water, i'm have a watter bottle sitting next to my compy right now. might not be such a good idea now that i think about it....