Tuesday, September 05, 2006

fort fun-funston!

dixie & me went adventuring to fort funston; so i'm loading you up with pictures from the weekend. we went both days (sunday & monday) i here by declare that the work week really ought to be 4 days. 3 day weekends are absolutely the *best* - i love them! i'm scheming how i can work part time next fall already!! hehehe...yeah right, did i mention i live in san francisco? oh right, rent is...how much???? yep, better keep that full time gig!

let's see...i also read the entire ny times; hoorah! had a lovely dinner with wine last night (ibs is calming down a bit - another hoorah!) but, but, but, i miss the mister something awful. :( it's so not fun being alone...i'm such a whiner.

i also packaged up lots of sprout studio orders - i'm beginning to feel like some people might already be, ah-hem, some people (!) holiday shopping! yowza - they'll be on top of things & impress lots of people!

i wanted to post some new sites i've been looking at, but that will come tomorrow - in the meantime, check out some of those blog links to the left; i need to clean them up a little but the majority are ones i really enjoy reading and looking at!

until later sprout peepers!


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