Saturday, December 09, 2006

me & my younger brother

me & my younger brother, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

wanting to show a little view of late 1970's era clothing, hair and some sort of wacky car seat/baby carriage holding here my younger brother, i post you this picture for your enjoyment. circa 1977, at our grandparent's cabin in southeastern virginia...which is now my parent's and they are starting to fix it up for permanent living in a few years for retirement/golden age livin' :)

more stories about the cabin, fishing, grand daddy long leg collecting, nail's through big toes for not listening to my mama & climbing on the wood pile anyways, snakes in the roof, canoe's tipping over, cemeteries, spooky trailers in the woods with no roads going to it...& more on another date, another time!

happy saturday & sunday. off to package up some more sprout studio goodies... remember to hug your partner, off spring, and animal companions today!