Saturday, December 02, 2006

new post for blogger beta....

still in confused beta world over here...tried to post another picture totally now i *think* i am posting in the beta blogger...but what's the difference? i see i get to label the post with scooters, vacation, or fall (the examples given!) but other that that what? it's not taking my dang pictures and posting them!

more fiddling must be made perhaps...i'm at the coffee shop right now b/c the neighbors signal i mooch off of is down & i can't live w/o checking my email at least 20 times a day! i feel like miranda from sex & the city when she goes on her honeymoon with steve & can't settle down and actually relax...i'm not that much of a cell phone/tv/computer gal (in fact, i don't own a tv and haven't for more that 10 years) however! my email?? that's a bit of a drug for me i admit...!

okay, off to do more fiddling :)


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