Saturday, December 02, 2006

umbrella applique

umbrella applique, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

stripey shirts & umbrella appliques...does it get any better? (um...yes, a better model would be nice!)


Sian said...

I recognise that overpass! Its dark and greay here in London. But I have managed to jump on my neighbors unprotected wireless and am catching up with all my favorite blogs. Love the pics you sent for Thanksgiving, I had my turkey today - finally. It was good but not eneough people around. Am making knitted christmas tree baubles - makes me thinhk of you because its crafty. anyway - miss you!


jenifer74 said...

i was just talking to dan today about how much we missed you :( & with crazy dyana gone too it's soooo quiet!

t-day was fun; more international folks than americans! it was great - i baked the most scrumptious chocolate pie ever...we missed you there too - when are flying back in for a visit??!

SweetJen said...

That shirt is so adorable! I think I like it even more than I do the tree one, if it is even possible.