Sunday, December 31, 2006

back home lovely home; farmers market - tamales! yay!

i love me some farmer's market booty & some market tamales with sunshine...yay for coming home safely & soundly.

off to gather a few promised holiday gifties that weren't bought out on the east coast so we wouldn't have to drag those cross country too. as evidenced in said bus pictures, we were rather loaded down already. (you really would be scared to see our STUFFED abode right now; there are literally paths through our place right now) (very scary & mentally challenging to figure out where it all goes...) the *stuff* being basically art we've both made, & art we've bought from other people that we were storing back in virginia when we thought we might go back there...but after 5+ years, we are thinking we are rather committed to SF & staying books, art, and art making materials came back with us!

okay, the mister is waiting - off we go - how was everyone else's holidays - all good & safe & restful?

welcoming in the newest -- here comes 2007!!!!!! :) be good & safe tonight!



Lisa said...

Welcome home, Jenifer! I can't wait to get back to the farmers' market when I'm in SF next month.

Happy New Year!

candykid6 said...

your BACK!!! i just spent a week in the actually south, god i missed california. i love this picture, i've never seen someone look so intensely at a tamale-

Pootlecat said...

happy new year Jenifer. I hope it brings you health, wealth and happiness. x