Friday, December 01, 2006

my paypal money is burning a hole in my pocket

(dear liza, dear liza...there's a hole in my bucket, dear liza, a hole...anyone else know that song?!)

so...first before the burning pocket, i sorta kinda think i switched to blogger beta? but i'm confused (what else is new?)...i think i need to fiddle around some more & try to figure out what is going i have blogger account and a blogger beta account? i'm such a doofus when it comes to this.

anyways, here are the latest covets/burning pockets/need have's:

mav's beautiful letterpress editions of camilla's drawings...oh, so beautiful...i want i want i want...

& then there are sarah's, (of the small object) totally killer embroidered patches, twill tape & loop troupers...covet, covet, covet...

& not to forget, jen corace's work...who doesn't love her work? i pine after a real painting (i have several tiny showcase prints...i adore her work...all of it...)

let's see, love this stocking (but i might try to make in, that's been on the might make list for the past 3 years worth of perhaps i oughta just buy it already!) also at mahar dry goods, these paper dolls are awesome...i wish i knew a little girl the right age that would dig playing with these...oh wait, maybe that's me!

for a long time i have loved these skirts i just can't decide which one i love the most!

all right, that's it for now (if you must know, i did purchase the camilla/mav collaborative because there were only 6 left in the shop when i posted this - eeek! couldn't let it get away!)

more later peepers...(because there is always more goodness out there!)


everymom said...

"So fix it...dear Henry, dear fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry, so fix it!!"

I remember that so clearly, I can envision the muppets!


candykid6 said...

why am i so lost, what song is this?

jenifer74 said...

i think that's because you're too young silly candykid!