Saturday, May 05, 2007

annual art show - me in the middle

what have i been up to? alllll this...just got finished putting on the spring art show. wow, i'm tired. but i now have to work on a trade for ms. donna with one little monkey, string up a bunch of new glass piece necklaces for maven craft fair next saturday, get together some button pin packages for needles & pens, & get a little pre summer newsletter together to send out to my mailing list, & THEN, i gotta get myself to REI to pick up a pack for europe & buy our eurail passes & book somewhere to stay in paris among other things!!!!!

i want to be like dixie right now & snooze on the ole couchie. but not yet. not now. must be productive! must go to fun party tonight for our rad neighbors that moved out of our awesome building. (anyone in the bay area looking for a industrial live/work to move into? good neighbors :) dog friendly!!)

gonna grab some lunch, take a short run & then back to sprout studio business for this girl.

happy saturday everyone!


Vi said...

busy bee busy bee... i think it would be marvelous to be a tree also... watch the world creep by. eh, maybe not, too dull...

meg said...

congrats on the art show - it looks so great!