Thursday, May 24, 2007

new sprout studio goodies/ felt club acceptance!

new sprout studio goodies, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

quickie newness in sprout studio world. these are for the upcoming capsule street fair this sunday in hayes valley. they will also be making their way to jena with modishoppe and, i found out today i was accepted to felt club's XL summer event!! yay! so i'll be speeding down to l.a. two days after i get back from our europe trek - hello packed summer. sunday, july 15th we'll be clubbin' it with some awesome vendors as well as hanging out with the super duper twospace crew! cocktails & barbecues is what i'm talking about :)

i'm sure we'll be exhausted after all that fun & need to lay down on the beach and "act like vegetables, be still like broccoli." (prize for whoever can name that movie line!)

off to get our eurail passes!


Anonymous said...

pretty woman!!!

jenifer74 said...

OH MY GOD - you did not watch julia roberts & richard gere enough to know that line!!!!!!!!! i love you lady - that is so funny. prize for you :) but you'll have to wait until i get back from europe!!

Anonymous said...

oh yes i have! actually, i have an old small tv that we found on the street in my studio. it's the small white kitchen tv that has a vcr inside it. so i have a stack of thrift store vhs tapes that i play while i'm working, and one of them is pretty woman. unfortunatley, the only movies on vhs are from a certain era. so i've seen pretty woman recently. a number of times :)