Friday, May 18, 2007

calling all artists who might need living/work space

one more quick post for friday; i forgot to mention, that we have lost several awesome neighbors to international moves, home buys, & whatnot in our building. so several of our relatively cool, industrial units are open in the building we live in (dogpatch neighborhood). so if you know any artists that like to combine their art & living space, or just need a good community building to be in - we want cool art lovin' neighbors!!

let me know & i'll give you more details!


meg said...

oh - that space is so cool. i wish i could be your neighbor (or just hang out at your place - it looks like a hang-out kinda place).
have a great weekend!

jenifer74 said...

i wish you could be my neighbor too! (sings mr. rogers in head) -- xxx.

kelly rae said...

yes, yes, send me details. our lease in oakland is up soon and we've been planning the move west into the city. this looks like such a great space!

we need to meet!

jenifer74 said...

kelly - i emailed you!